• Adam Spencer's  
    Time Machine
    The follow up to last year's
    tremendously popular bestseller The World of Numbers.

So who is Adam Spencer?

A bit about my latest book

G’day and welcome. whether you’ve purchased my two previous books World of Numbers and the Big Book of Numbers or if you’re getting on board this bus for the first time, it’s great to have you along. My new book Time Machine starts tens of thousands of years ago with an ancient “counting stick” perhaps the oldest scientific device we’ve ever found and ends earlier this year with a single mathematics proof that needed so much computer grunt it would take one person 10 billion years to read! In between we stop along the way at hundreds of interesting, inspiring or just plain bizarre moments in human history. As with all my books, mathematics and science get a pretty solid hit out but Time Machine also stops by at amazing moments in warfare, some of the worst jobs humans have ever had to do and contains a pretty solid list of illnesses you’d probably be best avoiding if you have any say in the matter.

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